Daisy and Jack!

Should I say more? These are Daisy and Jack, two beautiful harbour porpoises.
They are always great lunch buddies – like today.

Daisy and Jack at the Vancouver Aquarium
Daisy and Jack at the Vancouver Aquarium

Whytecliff at sunset

After our successful stamp collection tour (we now have the minimum 20 stamps we need!) we went to Whytecliff Park to relax a bit there.
We were rewarded with seeing harbour seals, harbour porpoises, amazing clouds, and a nice sunset.

Never a dull moment at Whytecliff Park

Indeed, whenever we spent some time at this beautiful park in West Vancouver, we are rewarded with so many experiences nature has to offer.

So today we saw a blue heron (no picture of it though), a bald eagle, the usual crows, seagulls, ‘our’ little white-crowned sparrow in addition to harbour seals, sea lions, and so many harbour porpoises which was more than amazing.

A pair of Canada geese swam by with their little goslings – maybe the same two we saw a few days ago, but this time showing off their offspring.

What a special day!

Geese, gulls, harbour seals and porpoises

On this overcast day we enjoyed the peace and quiet at Whytecliff Park. We hardly saw any other people there, but as usual there were quite a few animals at the park.

We saw a pair of Canada geese swim by and come back some time later. (We believe it was the same pair.)
We also saw a few harbour seals popping their heads out of the water, often looking at us, too, and, luckily for us, some harbour porpoises also made an appearance.

Half an hour with Jack and Daisy

I spent about half an hour watching the harbour porpoises Jack and Daisy as well as the beluga whales Aurora and Qila today.
Very relaxing indeed.


Wildlife at Whytecliff Park

We had another lovely afternoon and evening at Whytecliff Park where we are always amazed at how much wildlife there is to see – small and large birds from hummingbirds, sparrows, herons to bald eagles, as well as small and larger marine animals from harbour seals, harbour porpoises to sea lions.

Whytecliff Park at sunset

Together with some friends we once again went to Whytecliff Park hoping to see some harbour porpoises there.

Well, we saw some wildlife – seagulls, double-crested cormorants, and harbour seals, but where were the porpoises?

Finally, long after sunset, we spotted five harbour porpoises travelling towards Horseshoe Bay.
Seeing these amazing animals was so worth the wait.

I can’t wait to be back!

Porpoises at Whytecliff Park

In the late afternoon we went to Whytecliff Park in the hope to see some harbour porpoises – or at least a single individual – at around sunset.

Luckily for us, they really showed up! We spotted about four or five of them, foraging not too far away from our viewpoint.

Later, after sunset, we could still hear their puffing sounds when breathing but it became more and more difficult to spot them in the water. They are so well-camouflaged!

Harbour porpoises are such amazing animals. I simply cannot get enough of them!

Whytecliff Park – here we come again

The weather looked promising, there was hardly any wind predicted, and we needed a well-deserved break.
So we decided to pay Whytecliff Park yet another visit – and we were so lucky to see four harbour porpoises once again, probably foraging as they were constantly changing directions.

The interesting part was that we saw one harbour porpoise leaping out of the water (again!).
So fascinating!