Hiking and geocaching tour around Sutton and Coates Common

This time we decided for another geocaching tour not far away from us – and our first one with a bonus cache.

The walk took us through beautiful nature, along a pond with Canada geese swimming on it and a farm with loads of piglets – they were so cute!

In case you were wondering, yes, we found all the geocaches, including the bonus one!

A wonderful geocaching and hiking tour through Pulborough Brooks

The drive to Pulborough Brooks took us only about half an hour, and this destination was so worth it!

We had a fantastic hike through Pulborough Brooks and found some amazing geocaches there we had never seen before. In addition to the beautiful nature, we could see those beautiful Highland cattle which were grazing among the trees.

Our hiking tour in Clapham Woods

We went to the village of Clapham, not far from Littlehampton, where we wanted to do a whole series of geocaches. Twenty geocaches needed to be found.

This was a most enjoyable experience as we walked through the village, along fields and in the woods. Well, actually, we walked a bit more than necessary as we missed one turn and had to cross a field to get back onto the track once more.

We also had to climb some stiles – which I really like! Besides they are great sitting opportunities for having lunch there.

At the top we also had a great view down to the fields and the cows grazing there.

Oh, and just in case you were curious, we did find all twenty geocaches! Yay!

The Sussex Amble geocaching tour

We wanted to see more of England and what better way to do it than by geocaching? So we chose the Sussex Amble – and that was quite a hike! We found all the geocaches on our way (yay!), but we had to stop and return as it was getting dark.

We enjoyed the hike very much although it was quite steep at times – but we admired the nature and saw some snowdrops and sparrows on our way. So it was definitely worth it!