I might be a bit biased but isn’t Elfin the cutest sea otter?
It is always lovely to see him during my lunch break.

A sleepy Elfin at the Vancouver Aquarium
A sleepy Elfin at the Vancouver Aquarium

Elfin and Katmai’s nap time

It was nice to see both Elfin and Katmai having a nap – at the same time. Quite a rare sight!

Lunch time with Elfin

When I first saw Elfin today, he had a little nap – but after his lunch he became active.
Isn’t he one of the best lunch buddies to have around?

Jack, Daisy, Elfin

Marcus got to spend some time with Jack and Daisy today, and especially Daisy came to the underwater viewing windows a lot.

On his way out, Marcus saw Elfin having a little nap.

Such amazing cuties!

Elfin, Daisy and Jack

When we headed towards Jack and Daisy’s habitat at the Vancouver Aquarium, we saw Elfin looking through the glass door – waiting for someone?

Anyway, Jack and Daisy seemed to be in a good mood today and kept swimming together several times. This was so interesting to watch.
In between, Daisy also came down to check her visitors out, whereas Jack was too busy doing whatever he had to do.

We definitely had a great time with them.

Super Saturday

Super Saturdays at the Vancouver Aquarium mean getting up early for us – well, we do not have to but we absolutely want to be there when the gates open at 8:30 am. The Aquarium then is still fairly quiet, and we can enjoy some time with Jack and Daisy before any other visitor arrives at this part of the Aquarium.

By the way, we were the very first visitors to get into the Aquarium today – does this surprise you? – and we were on our way to the harbour porpoises when we, as usual, stopped at Elfin’s habitat first to say hi to him. Elfin looked at us and even came out of the water for a short moment.

On we went to Jack and Daisy who both came down to the underwater viewing area. Especially Daisy spent a lot of time at the windows, looking at and into our cameras so that we could get some great pictures of this pretty lady.
Jack and Daisy were also interacting a lot with each other, which was really good to see.

Then it was time to leave as we wanted to watch some programs which – we have to confess – we had never seen before, as for instance Eel-lectric Lights and Scuba Claus. And both were super exciting – so definitely worth this visit!

We also paid Schoona a visit – isn’t she beautiful? -, saw pretty amazing seahorses, Banggai cardinalfish and the ever amazing garden eels.

Outside we watched several dolphin shows, featuring Hana and Helen.

Back at Jack and Daisy’s, where we spent the remaining time before the Aquarium closed, I also showed Daisy my newly purchased harp seal plushie which she really looked at several times.

Anyway, just as a side note, not only were we the first visitors in the Aquarium, we also were the very last to leave…

A sea otter, dolphins and sea lions

We spent Halloween at the Vancouver Aquarium where we saw some amazing animals:
Elfin, the sea otter was having a nap; Helen and Hana, the Pacific white-sided dolphins were showing some of their behaviours, and the Steller sea lions were quite vocal.

Play time for Jack and Daisy, nap time for Elfin and the harbour seals

While watching Jack and Daisy from the underwater viewing area, we noticed some divers getting into the habitat, too, who then were playing with the harbour porpoises. Both Jack and Daisy seemed to be very curious and continuously swam to the divers to interact with them.

Contrary to the active harbour porpoises, Elfin and the harbour seals were having a little nap. Although they were giving their visitors a short glance, they went back to their little siestas almost immediately. Cute, eh?

(to be continued…)

Jack, Daisy and Elfin

Having explored Stanley Park for a while, all four of us went to the Vancouver Aquarium to check on some of their animals – and you probably would have guessed correctly: Jack and Daisy were the first ones we went to see.

Jack was busy exploring the hydrophone in his habitat, but after a while he came to the underwater viewing windows and even brought a leaf with him which he proudly presented to us. Such a cutie!

Even Daisy left her favourite corner and swam by to check out our cameras. She is such a pretty porpoise – and always so curious.

Time always flies by much too quickly when spending it with Jack and Daisy, but we will be back very soon!

On our way out, we stopped at Elfin’s habitat to say bye to him, too.

(to be continued…)