A day in Vancouver

Today we went to Vancouver by SkyTrain and decided to walk along the seafront from Burrard SkyTrain station to the Vancouver Aquarium. We could have taken the bus but where is the joy in that?! Besides, we could try and search for a geocache on our way which we finally did find after having come up empty last summer.

As you can see in the pictures, the sky was quite overcast when we started our day’s outing from home but became gradually better and better so that we had lots of sunshine already once we were near the Vancouver Aquarium. On our way there we saw lots of flowers and trees either starting to bloom or in full bloom – simply beautiful!

Once inside the Aquarium, we were greeted by one of the sharks lying on its favourite spot. We then went to see our all-time favourites Daisy and Jack, the harbour porpoises. As it was really busy we had to wait for a while until Jack came down to the observation window to say hi. He even played peek-a-boo with me! A bit later Daisy came by just to say hi shortly and swam back into her favourite corner.

We also went to see the penguins where we love to spot Hope and observe her. Two of her friends even went into the water and had a nice swim. On we went to see Aurora and Qila, the beluga whales, who always glide so gracefully through the water. Katmai and Tanu, the sea otters, were playing, and it was really great to see that Katmai got along so well with her new surrogate mum Tanu.

On our way to the Lost Lagoon we saw a seagull trying to eat a peanut which originally two squirrels were interested in. And you can always see some Canada geese in Stanley Park. This time we spotted some near the seagull and some others near Stanley Park Causeway, probably watching – and counting? – the cars going to Lions Gate Bridge.

Whenever we are in Vancouver, we have to go to the Lost Lagoon, even if it is only for a short time as this is one of our most favourite places. It is like an oasis where we can simply sit and relax and enjoy nature and its wildlife whenever we are there.

Although it is a much longer route, we chose the seafront for our way back to the SkyTrain station where we saw lots of boats and yachts at Coal Harbour – and shortly before getting to the station at Downtown we got a glimpse of Vancouver’s Olympic Cauldron with North Vancouver in the background.

By the way, all in all our little tour turned out to be a 10 kilometre walk – but we had so much fun being outside! And as a special treat we got to see a most beautiful sunset which we could enjoy from our couch back home again.

A walk to Beecher Park

Today we enjoyed a little afternoon walk along Beecher Creek to Beecher Park – in the sunshine! On our way there we saw lots of new leaves, a little daisy and a male Downy Woodpecker. To top the day off, we also found the only geocache on this tour.

We had a fantastic day at the Vancouver Aquarium

Although it was a Tuesday, we saw ourselves leaving our apartment, well, not voluntarily really, but we had to go as there was a planned power shut off in the whole building. And where do we usually go when we have a day to spend somewhere, especially one that promised rain? Yes, of course, we went to the Vancouver Aquarium!

When we arrived at Stanley Park, it still was a bit too early for the Aquarium to be open. Therefore we did some geocaching near the Aquarium and walked around it to keep us warm.  While doing so, we found the polar bear habitat of the former Stanley Park Zoo. Until yesterday I didn’t even know that Vancouver had a zoo – and I had to look it up. Anyway, fortunately for us, the rain held back until we actually went into the Aquarium.

This time we had a much closer look at the frog exhibit and found some amazing species there. Have you ever heard of an axolotl? They look so cute – and doesn’t the darker one look like Toothless from ‘How to Train your Dragon’? We also saw some seahorses and a little shark already moving within its egg case – that was really exciting! When we went to see Hana and Helen from the underwater perspective, Hana came by twice and talked to us – so it seemed – as we heard noises from her. I have never heard her vocalising something except when her trainers ask her to do so – so that was really unbelievable!

Somehow it was the day of wonders. When we went to see Jack and Daisy, Jack wasn’t really interested in coming down to the visitors, something that he does regularly, but Daisy was very active – for the first time, at least for us – and came down to us to pose in front of our cameras. She really liked Marcus’s big camera and always wanted to have her picture taken – so she presented herself in different poses. That was so cute! I alone took nearly 200 pictures of her. As you can imagine, we spent hours there…

That was such an amazing day at the Vancouver Aquarium – and we didn’t even mind the rain when we walked back to our car to get home again.

Visit to the Vancouver Aquarium and Prospect Point

Going to the Vancouver Aquarium is always fun – and we love to watch all the various animals there.

This time, all seven penguins stood close together, well six of them did and number seven had climbed up a bit further. What was the little one looking for? Anyway, Daisy was in a really good mood playing with her hoop and with a disc later on. I could stand there watching Jack and Daisy for hours… Well, I sometimes even do so.
I also love those little spotted and splendid garden eels.

After the Aquarium we stopped at Prospect Point to enjoy the view of Lions Gate Bridge up close, my favourite bridge, and its surroundings.

Lost Lagoon and Vancouver Aquarium

What a day to pick for a walk along the Lost Lagoon! It was raining, but not too heavily so that we actually enjoyed our little walk there. We also made a short detour and grabbed a great geocache.

Back at the Lagoon again, we saw two swans and a blue heron minding their own businesses.

And last, we had to say hello to Jack and Daisy at the Aquarium before going home and enjoying a nice hot cuppa.

Vancouver Aquarium, Lost Lagoon and sunset in Burnaby

What a day! We had an amazing morning at the Vancouver Aquarium where we had a look at all the animals living there. There was feeding time for the harbour porpoises Jack and Daisy, the belugas Aurora and Qila were happily swimming, the Pacific white-sided dolphins Helen and Hana were playing, the penguins were enjoying themselves, and so did the sea otters Elfin and Tanu, and Schoona was swimming gracefully. And then there were so many others to be watched, like colourful butterflies and those funny garden eels. We never tire of visiting the animals and could spend hours there! Well, we usually do…

After that we went through Stanley Park where we saw a squirrel eating and Canada geese marching along and finally came to the Lost Lagoon where we spent a lovely afternoon. This is one of our most favourite places in Vancouver – and a special one for us, too. It is always totally relaxing to sit on one of the benches and to watch the wildlife there. We usually spot ducks, Canada geese, swans, blue herons, squirrels, raccoons, seagulls, turtles, fish and various birds. And I always take pictures – I must have a hundred if not even a thousand of that location.

By the way, Have you spotted the blue heron in one of the pictures here?

Back home with a nice cuppa in hand we had the most amazing sunset ever – just have a look at the pictures!