Our wedding anniversary day at Lost Lagoon

Luckily for us, we had gorgeous weather to go to the Lost Lagoon where we got married five years ago Рand we celebrated our wedding anniversary with lots of wildlife there. A bumblebee, a blue heron, Canada geese, ducks, a swan and a raccoon all said hi Рand those Canada geese even swam in formation. We had such a great time there!

As we were nearby, we simply had to go to the Aquarium as well. Jack said hi, too, and the penguins were enjoying a swim.

It was such an amazing day for our wedding anniversary, especially as we could finally spend it here in Vancouver!

Hiking and geocaching tour around Sutton and Coates Common

This time we decided for another geocaching tour not far away from us – and our first one with a bonus cache.

The walk took us through beautiful nature, along a pond with Canada geese swimming on it and a farm with loads of piglets – they were so cute!

In case you were wondering, yes, we found all the geocaches, including the bonus one!