Never a dull moment at Whytecliff Park

Indeed, whenever we spent some time at this beautiful park in West Vancouver, we are rewarded with so many experiences nature has to offer.

So today we saw a blue heron (no picture of it though), a bald eagle, the usual crows, seagulls, ‘our’ little white-crowned sparrow in addition to harbour seals, sea lions, and so many harbour porpoises which was more than amazing.

A pair of Canada geese swam by with their little goslings – maybe the same two we saw a few days ago, but this time showing off their offspring.

What a special day!

Geese, gulls, harbour seals and porpoises

On this overcast day we enjoyed the peace and quiet at Whytecliff Park. We hardly saw any other people there, but as usual there were quite a few animals at the park.

We saw a pair of Canada geese swim by and come back some time later. (We believe it was the same pair.)
We also saw a few harbour seals popping their heads out of the water, often looking at us, too, and, luckily for us, some harbour porpoises also made an appearance.

2016 Vancouver Tourism Challenge – Day 2

On our second day of the 2016 Vancouver Tourism Challenge, Marcus and I visited the HR MacMillan Space Centre, the Vancouver Maritime Museum, and the Museum of Vancouver. The latter had a neat exhibition of the Expo 86.

On our way back we also saw a few geese among all those beautiful sea of daisies.

Morning walk along the sea wall and Lost Lagoon

Today I had some time before work, and so I strolled along Stanley Park’s sea wall until I came to Lost Lagoon, one of my favourite places in Vancouver.

On my way I saw Canada geese, various duck species, some tree swallows – and a harbour seal! What a great start of a work day!

(to be continued…)

A sunny afternoon at Whytecliff Park

The sun was shining; we definitely needed some time off, and so we went to Whytecliff Park in the hope to see some harbour porpoises – or at least one.

Well, we did not see a single one but we saw lots of harbour seals, popping their heads out of the water.
And we saw several birds flying by.

The most amazing bird we saw, however, was a tiny Anna’s hummingbird sitting on a tree.
I felt extremely lucky to get a picture of this little one. And then the sun shone directly onto it, and its head and throat turned into a bright red. I could not believe my eyes. Just gorgeous!

Exploring VanDusen

After so many rainy days we headed to the VanDusen Botanical Garden to enjoy some time outdoors and especially to get a glimpse of the remaining autumn leaves there.

We came fully prepared with our rubber boots and rain gear – and we definitely needed the boots, especially while walking around all the maple leaves.

Luckily for us, the sun was out all the time so that we could happily explore the garden and, of course, walk on the boardwalk (did I mention that I love boardwalks?!), admiring the various plants, flowers, trees and their autumn leaves which had such magnificent colours.

Another lovely afternoon at Barnet Marine Park

As Barnet Marine Park is only a few minutes’ drive away from our home, we quite spontaneously decided to go there once again as it is indeed a lovely spot.

We found a nice picnic table near the beach area so that our boys could enjoy a swim in Burrard Inlet which they did!

Later we explored the park a bit and found the remains of the once very prosperous lumber mill: a scrap burner at the shoreline – and a concrete structure of the mill near the picnic area.

We also observed some seagulls, especially a pair that was doing everything together, and watched some Canada geese that were quite curious and came close to our picnic table. They did not get anything from us but we got the opportunity to get some close shots of them.

Once again, we had a great time together.

We went to Alouette Lake

Well, we thought that staying at a lake would be a much better idea than staying in our apartment, especially in this hot weather – and so we set off to Alouette Lake in Golden Ears Provincial Park.

Once we were there, we found a nice picnic table in the shade with a fabulous view of the lake on one side – and trees on the other. I especially love those moss-covered trees.

Together with our boys, we explored the lake a bit, went swimming in the lake, and saw the Alouette Dam.
We also saw some wildlife: several Canada geese, five Steller’s jays and three chipmunks. Yay!

This day at Alouette Lake was a great one!

A great time at Barnet Marine Park

On our way home from Sasamat Lake, we quite spontaneously stopped at Barnet Marine Park where we found some benches in the shade from where we enjoyed the view.
Our boys, of course, went into the water again (which was pretty cold – so they said).

Once again, some Canada geese swam by, while others came up to the beach.

A leisurely day at Sasamat Lake

Today we spent a fantastic day at Sasamat Lake, sitting on the beach, swimming in the lake, reading, playing, talking – having lots of fun.

We also saw some Canada geese swimming on the lake and walking along the beach.