Another lovely afternoon at Barnet Marine Park

As Barnet Marine Park is only a few minutes’ drive away from our home, we quite spontaneously decided to go there once again as it is indeed a lovely spot.

We found a nice picnic table near the beach area so that our boys could enjoy a swim in Burrard Inlet which they did!

Later we explored the park a bit and found the remains of the once very prosperous lumber mill: a scrap burner at the shoreline – and a concrete structure of the mill near the picnic area.

We also observed some seagulls, especially a pair that was doing everything together, and watched some Canada geese that were quite curious and came close to our picnic table. They did not get anything from us but we got the opportunity to get some close shots of them.

Once again, we had a great time together.

A great time at Barnet Marine Park

On our way home from Sasamat Lake, we quite spontaneously stopped at Barnet Marine Park where we found some benches in the shade from where we enjoyed the view.
Our boys, of course, went into the water again (which was pretty cold – so they said).

Once again, some Canada geese swam by, while others came up to the beach.

An incredible sunset

After dinner I wanted to return to my desk when I suddenly saw this beautiful sunset, and my imagination went crazy… Do you also see a bear and her cub?

A beautiful sunset in Burnaby - looks like a bear and her cub
A beautiful sunset in Burnaby – looks like a bear and her cub

Sunset over Burnbay

This was the amazing view of the setting sun over Vancouver that we had when we were looking out of our windows tonight. Beautiful, eh?

A snowy interlude

Today the snow made a short guest appearance in the morning, before the rain took over in the afternoon. Crazy weather, eh?

It is still snowing

As you can see in the pictures, the snow is still there… We even have a snowfall warning for today. But still, the snow will not last very long – and tomorrow the sun will (hopefully) shine!

Snow – day 2

Well, apparently winter is not over yet as it is still snowing.

Good for us that we do not have to leave our apartment and can enjoy the snowy view from here…