Bald eagles at Whytecliff Park

In between our morning and evening commitments, we spent a lovely afternoon at Whytecliff Park where we saw lots of harbour seals and various birds,  among them seagulls and several majestic bald eagles.

But after a while all wildlife seemed to be disappearing. Everything became eerily quiet, and we had no idea why…

(to be continued…)

Enjoying an afternoon stroll at Barnet Marine Park

The weather was lovely today so that we decided to have a nice leisurely stroll at Barnet Marine Park.

There was low tide, and we could explore the other side of the park where we had never been before, which was pretty amazing.
It was really quiet and peaceful, and we enjoyed the various views around us.

Additionally, we saw two seals, some ducks and seagulls, and three bald eagles!

We had a most enjoyable time there, and we must find some time later this month to come back.

At Whytecliff Park

Once again we set off to Whytecliff Park to see if we could spot some harbour porpoises there.

It was a really sunny but very cold day, but we came prepared!
Dressed with various layers, toques, gloves, and a thermos filled with hot peppermint tea, we braved the cold.

Unfortunately, we did not see a single harbour porpoise during the two and a half hours we spent there, but we saw several bird species fly by, including two adult bald eagles which was pretty amazing.

We also saw some seals or rather their heads popping out of the water.
One of them seemed to bathe in the sunshine, and its whiskers sparkled in the sun.

We had a wonderful time at Whytecliff Park; and when we got home, we had a nice cup of hot chocolate to warm up again.

Bald eagles on Valentine’s Day

When I looked out of the window, I saw these majestic birds flying close by, and I had to quickly grab my camera to capture this fantastic moment.

I am still amazed that I can watch bald eagles from my home. Stunning, eh?

We’ve been to O.W.L.

Together with Leanne (Susannah had to work and, unfortunately, couldn’t make it) we went to Delta where O.W.L.’s Annual Summer Open House invited everybody interested in their facilities and work. O.W.L. (Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society) specializes in birds of prey, also known as raptors, and Leanne loves owls; so this was the perfect place to finally see some of them. Even the weather showed its sunny side so that we had a great time exploring all the facilities there.

We first of all had a look at the birds, living permanently there, among them bald and golden eagles, hawks, falcons, and owls (!), before getting to know O.W.L.’s facilities.
My favourite ones definitely were the snowy owls, especially Piggy who made different faces.

Norm and his helicopter were present, too, as he helps a lot in rescuing animals not only for O.W.L. but also for the Vancouver Aquarium.

At 1 pm it was time to see two juvenile bald eagles being released by founding director Bev Day and her husband. That was really exciting!

After having had some (late) lunch, we all wanted to have another closer look at those cute snowy owls before going home again.

Back in Vancouver, we said goodbye to Leanne and were on our way home to Burnaby when we spontaneously decided to head back to the Vancouver Aquarium for an hour or two before closing time…

(to be continued…)

What a wonderful afternoon in Vancouver

After having not seen them for quite a while, we got to spend some time together with our friends Leanne and Susannah – and what better place to do so than at the Vancouver Aquarium. We are all members and love to come there as often as we can – and although we have probably seen everything more than once already, we are always fascinated by all the animals there, and believe it or not, we feel that there is still so much more to see and experience!

First of all we went to see Jack and Daisy who, unfortunately, were not in their habitat, the B.C. Sugar Pool, but once again in the smaller dolphin habitat. There we could observe a training session with them, and it was really interesting to see how they reacted and interacted with their trainers.

Our second stop was at Elfin’s habitat where he was sleeping. Even that is so cute to watch. His female colleagues Tanu and Katmai were much more active in their habitat. Especially Katmai was so curious that she always looked into our direction even when she was grooming herself. And that was so cute, too!

Next it was Helen and Hana’s turn to shine in their show, and they were especially excited and enjoying themselves a lot today. They showed a lot of jumps this time, and that was really impressive.

Then it was time for the beluga show starring Aurora and her daughter Qila. Our favourite interpretive specialist Lauren once again passionately led the audience through a highly interesting show. It is always amazing to see those huge animals interact with their trainers. A seagull, well, probably the seagull as there is always one on site, sneaked into the programme but flew by and waited at the edge of the habitat.

We then went to Penguin Point where all seven penguins were standing outside. Later they headed over to the other side of their habitat, jumped into the water, swam over, and after a very short swim got out of the water again. Meanwhile a bald eagle flew above the Vancouver Aquarium.

As time was nearly over, we set out for Schoona’s habitat, but when we passed the sea otters’ habitats, we saw that it was feeding time for Elfin who enjoyed his food very much. The funny thing was that Katmai was standing at the glass door of her habitat trying to get some attention – and most likely more food.

I absolutely love those ancient looking creatures, like lizards, tortoises and also sea turtles – and Schoona is really a beautiful specimen. Despite her huge size, she swims so gracefully and seems to ignore all the fish, stingrays and sharks swimming around her.

Well, after we had said our goodbyes to Leanne and Susannah, we headed home, too. On our way along Stanley Park’s seafront we saw a harbour seal looking out of the water – and then it was gone. This was so amazing – coming from the Vancouver Aquarium and having seen the seals there, we suddenly saw one living in the wild just surface out of the blue…

On our way back to Waterfront SkyTrain station we saw such beautiful flowers and simply had to stop to take a picture of them. Don’t those bright red poppies and those red and yellow torch lilies look stunning?
Further on we also observed a blue heron walking along the jetty until it found ‘its’ yacht where it stopped and started to look for its dinner.

This was such an amazing day that simply has to be repeated soon!

Bald eagles in Burnaby

Just imagine looking out of the window and seeing bald eagles flying by… Well, that is just what I have experienced – several times already now. But I am still amazed by that!

Bald eagles in Burnaby
Bald eagles in Burnaby