Another evening walk at Littlehampton’s beachfront

Once again we went down to the sea and had a wonderful walk along the beach. It was low tide today so that we could even go further into the sea than usual. And I love those stones!

Before going back home, we could enjoy another one of those beautiful sunsets at the seafront.

Our wedding anniversary day

For our wedding anniversary we headed to Birchwalks Wood to enjoy a quiet and relaxing day walking through the woods. Back home, a stunning sunset was waiting for us.


Swans on river Arun

We had a relaxing late afternoon walk along river Arun where – once again – there were so many swans swimming on it. We also saw lots of seagulls but those were standing at the riverside. Is their hobby swan watching perhaps? Or maybe they were just waiting for some snacks as a fish-n-chips shop was very close by…

Swans at river Arun
Swans at river Arun

Evening walk at Littlehampton beach

As we don’t live far away from the beach, we can easily walk there – and that we did to have a quiet and relaxing evening.

The waves were a bit higher than we had seen before but impressive though. Seagulls of various ages were everywhere, of course, – and some even sat in front of those colourful beach huts I like so much.

And then the sunset… Isn’t that something you can look at all the time?

By the way, the strange thing you can see in one of the sunset pictures belongs to Littlehampton longest bench.

Welcome to Littlehampton

Marcus and I have moved to the UK, to a town called Littlehampton, a little town (who would have guessed?!) at the south coast of the UK – and we love it here.

So far we’ve been to the seafront where we saw loads of seagulls, and we’ve also walked along the river Arun on which many swans were swimming and standing outside the water – and then there was this tiny baby swan…

And aren’t those beach huts just lovely?

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone!

And please welcome the latest addition to our family, Naomi — a Campbell’s Dwarf Hamster, just 6 weeks old. She’s supposed to be shy and frightened until she’s 4 months old, but luckily nobody has told her this. In fact she’s quite friendly, very curious and so cute it hurts.




I know, it’s been a while since I’ve posted… well… anything really. But rest assured, I’ll try to put this site to some use pretty soon.