Whytecliff at sunset

After our successful stamp collection tour (we now have the minimum 20 stamps we need!) we went to Whytecliff Park to relax a bit there.
We were rewarded with seeing harbour seals, harbour porpoises, amazing clouds, and a nice sunset.

2016 Vancouver Tourism Challenge – Day 3

Together with Danny and Denise we explored BC a bit today before we headed to Whytecliff Park in the evening, but more about that later.

Our first stop was the BC Hydro Powerhouse at Stave Falls in Mission where explored the 100-year-old power generating site which was really interesting.

We then had a quick stop at Fort Langley, before we went to the Greater Vancouver Zoo. There we had tons of fun walking around seeing all the various animals.
We were lucky to see the red panda as well as the grizzly bear really up close.
And, of course, my favourites, the hippos, were out, too.

Never a dull moment at Whytecliff Park

Indeed, whenever we spent some time at this beautiful park in West Vancouver, we are rewarded with so many experiences nature has to offer.

So today we saw a blue heron (no picture of it though), a bald eagle, the usual crows, seagulls, ‘our’ little white-crowned sparrow in addition to harbour seals, sea lions, and so many harbour porpoises which was more than amazing.

A pair of Canada geese swam by with their little goslings – maybe the same two we saw a few days ago, but this time showing off their offspring.

What a special day!

Geese, gulls, harbour seals and porpoises

On this overcast day we enjoyed the peace and quiet at Whytecliff Park. We hardly saw any other people there, but as usual there were quite a few animals at the park.

We saw a pair of Canada geese swim by and come back some time later. (We believe it was the same pair.)
We also saw a few harbour seals popping their heads out of the water, often looking at us, too, and, luckily for us, some harbour porpoises also made an appearance.

Half an hour with Jack and Daisy

I spent about half an hour watching the harbour porpoises Jack and Daisy as well as the beluga whales Aurora and Qila today.
Very relaxing indeed.


Elfin and Katmai’s nap time

It was nice to see both Elfin and Katmai having a nap – at the same time. Quite a rare sight!

Porpoises, killer whales – and clouds

Friday, the 13th has proven to be our lucky day as we not only saw our beloved harbour porpoises but also resident killer whales in close proximity to each other.
So we knew that those were definitely resident killer whales because the harbour porpoises were busy foraging and ignoring the large whales. Lucky them!

A relaxing afternoon at Whytecliff Park

Today we spent a wonderful afternoon in the sun at Whytecliff Park.

There was low tide when we arrived, and a few people were exploring Whyte Islet.
We, however, enjoyed the peaceful scenery sitting on one of the many benches – and we were rewarded with seeing birds, sea lions, harbour seals and harbour porpoises.

And we got a beautiful sunset, too.

Lunch time with Elfin

When I first saw Elfin today, he had a little nap – but after his lunch he became active.
Isn’t he one of the best lunch buddies to have around?