Please support the Vancouver Aquarium’s Marine Mammal Rescue Centre

This is something close to our hearts. We aren’t exactly very subtle about our admiration for the people who work at the Vancouver Aquarium, or the animals in their care. But there is one organization belonging to the Aquarium that does amazing things: the Marine Mammal Rescue Centre. Over the years they have rescued and rehabilitated hundreds of seal pups, an orca whale, two harbour porpoises and other marine mammals that couldn’t have made it without them (with several seal pups and a harbour porpoise in their care right now). Their goal is to rehabilitate and release, and they are a non-profit organization that survives off donations and with the help of volunteers who contribute thousands of hours to make all that happen.

Today members of the Aquarium received an email asking for something that only takes a few seconds — a vote for the Marine Mammal Rescue Centre on a Facebook page. The campaign sponsor is giving away a share of $100,000 to a selection of charitable organizations, in proportion to the amount of votes that each organization receives. So if you are from Canada, and if you have a moment, please consider voting for them on Facebook. They need every dollar they can get!

Thank you 🙂
Marcus & Christine

P.S.: This is the message we got…

Donate a few seconds of your time to help us care for rescued marine mammals!

The Vancouver Aquarium Marine Mammal Rescue Centre is one of five Canadian organizations vying for a share of $100,000 and we need your help.

We’re asking you to cast your vote in favour of our Marine Mammal Rescue Centre during Jamieson Laboratories’ “Call for the Wild!” annual campaign.

Voting is now underway at and runs through September 15, 2013. We need you to take action today by casting your vote!

With the help of hundreds of passionate volunteers, the Marine Mammal Rescue Centre rescues, rehabilitates and releases more than 150 animals each year. Your vote will help us provide rescue resources, medical care and food for the many patients we treat annually. You’ll also be helping us to raise public awareness about the proper response to an injured or stranded marine mammal.

Visit through September 15 to cast your vote daily in support of the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Mammal Rescue Centre. Every vote registered will translate into a proportional donation from Jamieson Laboratories.

Every vote counts. Don’t forget to forward this to your friends, family and co-workers.

Lindsaye Akhurst
Manager, Marine Mammal Rescue Centre


We saw KISS live!

KISS were playing the Rogers Arena in Vancouver — and we got to see them live, thanks to Dee (hi to Herne Bay, Kent, England!) who sponsored our tickets. Guests Shinedown did a great job, although they didn’t seem to impress the crowd quite that much. Perhaps mixing Shinedown and KISS wasn’t such a good idea, but we still really enjoyed their short set.

Considering that the venue wasn’t sold out (quite a few rows were left empty) the atmosphere was simply amazing from the moment KISS entered the stage. Their set included most of their classics, among some of the new tracks from “MONSTER”. The show was a giant (and not just musical) firework, with Gene Simmons swallowing fire and Paul Stanley swinging through the audience. The whole evening was magical, but, sadly, it was all over way too quickly…

The camera failed us with a discharged battery, but I took some pictures on my mobile phone…

(By the way, this was Christine’s first rock concert ever, and she absolutely loved it!)

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone!

And please welcome the latest addition to our family, Naomi — a Campbell’s Dwarf Hamster, just 6 weeks old. She’s supposed to be shy and frightened until she’s 4 months old, but luckily nobody has told her this. In fact she’s quite friendly, very curious and so cute it hurts.




I know, it’s been a while since I’ve posted… well… anything really. But rest assured, I’ll try to put this site to some use pretty soon.