Sea lions, dolphins, porpoises

After our little walk we could not resist to go to the Vancouver Aquarium. Well, we were in Stanley Park anyway, right?!

We saw Hana and Helen playing with a ball, two Steller sea lions having a nap, and Jack and Daisy up close at the underwater viewing windows – a perfect way to end this relaxing afternoon!

A leisurely afternoon stroll

Marcus and I had a lovely stroll along Vancouver’s waterfront and Stanley Park today, where we enjoyed the nice weather, the spring flowers as well as the blooming cherry and magnolia trees.

(to be continued…)

Jack up close

Later in the day Jack was quite active and came to the underwater viewing windows more often than usual. Isn’t he a cutie?

Sunset over Burnbay

This was the amazing view of the setting sun over Vancouver that we had when we were looking out of our windows tonight. Beautiful, eh?