Canada Place, Vancouver Lookout, Stanley Park

Together with our boys we visited Canada Place to experience FlyOver Canada – and what an experience it was! FlyOver China was pretty amazing, but FlyOver Canada was breathtakingly beautiful. The flying part definitely felt real.

From there we went to the Vancouver Lookout to have an amazing view of Greater Vancouver.

After that we strolled along Vancouver’s waterfront until we came to Stanley Park where we saw a blue heron wading in the water, and later a squirrel nibbling on something to eat.

We were quite hungry, too, although we had a nice snack and a cool drink in between, so we made our way home to get something delicious for dinner.

Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup at Third Beach

Together with about 25 like-minded people, we collected a total of 23 kg of trash along a 2 km area of Third Beach in Stanley Park – and we had lots of fun!

Items we picked up most were about 500 cigarette butts (although Stanley Park is a smoke-free area), 260 food wrappers and 90 bottle caps. All that could have ended up in the ocean and hurt so many animals in there.

It feels good to have actively helped a tiny weeny bit.

Otters, frogs and porpoises

After having seen the plants and birds at the Bloedel Floral Conservatory, we still had some time left to go to the Vancouver Aquarium. We just could not go home, when we still were in Vancouver anyway…

As time was limited, we had a look at the frogs – and the axolotl, of course, (which was really well hidden) – at first before going to see the sea otters and porpoises

Once again, we had a wonderful time!

We went to the Bloedel Floral Conservatory

As Ben likes the Amazon at the Vancouver Aquarium a lot, we went to the Bloedel Floral Conservatory where we saw many interesting plants and free-flying birds.

We also had a nice little stroll along Queen Elizabeth Park before having lunch at a bench near the Bloedel Conservatory where we observed a common raven.

So much to see…

… at the Vancouver Aquarium!

Today we had a closer look at the dwarf cuttlefish, spotted garden eels, seahorses, Schoona (the green sea turtle), a plumed basilisk, Jack and Daisy (the harbour porpoises) – and we had an amazing time there!

Penguins, sea lions, porpoises

After having seen harbour porpoises in the wild, we went to the Vancouver Aquarium to see Jack and Daisy, the two harbour porpoises there, up close – and they came really close to the underwater viewing windows!

We also visited the African penguins who were all on one side of the habitat – and the Steller sea lions who were already getting ready for the night.

Harbour porpoises at Whytecliff Park

Today was the second time we saw harbour porpoises at Whytecliff Park – and it is always an amazing experience!
This time we saw two or three individuals surfacing – and both our boys were very good at spotting the harbour porpoises and pointing them out to us.
Incredible, eh?

An adventurous time at Whytecliff Park

The last time our boys were visiting us, we somehow did not go to Whytecliff Park, but ended up at Porteau Cove where we nevertheless spent a fantastic day. So this time, we made our way to Whytecliff Park where we saw a lot of wildlife: seagulls, cormorants, harlequin ducks, Canada geese, pink sea stars – and harbour porpoises!

As there was low tide, we could also climb up Whyte Islet from where we had a spectacular view of Bowen Island and the Straight of Georgia.

What a great day!

A fantastic day at Science World

Today we spent several amazing hours at Science World. As it was a regular school day, it felt as if we had Science World nearly to ourselves so that we could explore the place and try out all the various activities which was so much fun!

There was a new exhibition – LEGO Travel Adventures – which was really fascinating.
Tom and I even tried to squeeze into the LEGO Ferrari… and we also admired Canada’s largest LEGO mural.

So many amazing animals

Yesterday evening our boys arrived safely – and so today our first Vancouver attraction we visited was (of course!) the Vancouver Aquarium.

While exploring the Aquarium, we saw a lot of different animals, among them the Pacific white-sided dolphins, two-toed sloths, the plumed basilisk (yes, we found it!), the toucanets, and the giant Pacific octopus.