Katmai’s lunch

Well, I ended up standing in the rain later as I had to take some pictures of Katmai having a big lunch!

(to be continued…)

A rainy afternoon at the Vancouver Aquarium

Living in Metro Vancouver means having more rain than in a lot of other places – but still, I rather have rain than snow.

Anyway, on this lovely rainy day, we headed towards the Vancouver Aquarium for our weekly dose of animals. However, unlike the two seagulls, we were not really tempted to stand outside in the rain and therefore made our way to the underwater viewing area to watch the two dolphins from there.

On our way up from there, we passed the newts which were very busy…
We also said hi to the arapaima in the Tropical Zone – and went on to have a look at the strawberry anemone and those cute little Pacific spiny lumpsuckers. Aren’t they adorable?

(to be continued…)

A snowy interlude

Today the snow made a short guest appearance in the morning, before the rain took over in the afternoon. Crazy weather, eh?

Hello porpoises

After their short stay in another habitat, Jack and Daisy were back at their home – and we absolutely had to pay them a short visit.
Both harbour porpoises were swimming together quite a few times – which is always great to see-, and especially Daisy came to the underwater viewing windows from time to time, too.
It was so good to see them again.