Jack and Daisy, the harbour porpoises

Yes, we went to see Jack and Daisy.

First of all, we watched a play session with these two. Especially Daisy seemed to like the hoop her trainer Nicky was holding. But Jack swam by a lot of times, too, enjoying an occasional little rub.

When we went down to the underwater viewing area, we could see Jack and Daisy swimming together a lot  – and that was great to observe.
In between they also came down to the underwater viewing windows to say hi to us. Such cuties!

Surgeonfish and garden eels

A visit to the Tropical Zone of the Aquarium led us to these amazing fishes – the powderblue and spotted surgeonfishes. We saw a lot more, of course, but these two were the cooperative ones…

We also went over to the dwarf cuttlefish, the seahorses and the garden eels.
Both spotted and splendid garden eels were quite active today.

And then, on we went to…

(to be continued…)

A sea turtle, penguins and a harbour porpoise

We spent a lovely afternoon at the Vancouver Aquarium, paid Schoona a visit, saw the African penguins waddle along, and watched a training session with Jack and Daisy – who needs anything else?


At the Tropic Zone

The Tropic Zone was not too busy today, so that we could take some pictures while admiring most of the animals there.
But as soon as we started looking into the various habitats, more and more people did the same…

An evening stroll at Third Beach

After having been at the Vancouver Aquarium the whole day, we originally wanted to go home, but traffic was so heavy that we made a short detour to Third Beach and enjoyed a leisurely walk there. We even saw a hummingbird – and a little sea star.

Daisy up close at the Aquarium

After our Behind the Scenes tour, we still had some time to say hi to Jack and Daisy.

Jack swam by from time to time – quite often with his mouth open. Daisy, however, came to the underwater viewing windows and was looking at our cameras – and especially into Marcus’s camera lens. Isn’t she a pretty lady?


Behind the scenes

Today we had an amazing Behind the Scenes tour at the Vancouver Aquarium. Our tour guide Lauren did a fantastic job, showing us so many new and interesting things we knew nothing about, and answering all our questions in great detail. There was so much to see and learn – and we had a lot of fun. Thank you so much for this wonderful time!


Jack, Daisy – Jack and Daisy

Today both Jack and Daisy were quite active and came to the underwater viewing windows to check out their visitors.

Shortly before we went home, Jack and Daisy were swimming together and interacting with each other. Both harbour porpoises even came down to the underwater windows – at the same time!
That was such a great experience – and definitely made our day!

A training session with Hana and Helen

While vising the Vancouver Aquarium, we watched a very interesting training session with Hana and Helen – but for us everything at the Aquarium is fascinating…


A pretty Daisy

And finally, we spent some time with the harbour porpoises. Well, actually, it was Daisy coming to the underwater viewing windows to have a good look at her visitors. Jack was only swimming by from time to time but did not stop.