Some quality time with Daisy and Jack

Today it was quite cold, and it was snowing outside, but nothing could stop us to go to the Vancouver Aquarium where we spent some time inside the buildings where it was dry and warm. And what better place to do exactly that than the underwater viewing area of the B.C. Sugar Pool?

Daisy was already at the underwater viewing windows, looking at her visitors and their cameras and phones. When she spotted Marcus’s camera, she swam over to him immediately and checked it out – a lot!
Jack spent a lot of time in ‘his’ corner but swam by several times, too!

After a while, there was a training session with both harbour porpoises – in the snow! So I went upstairs to watch Jack and Daisy – in the falling snow… It was pretty cold but so worth it!
Especially Jack was quite active. He came out of the water to reach the target pole and got some fish and a tongue rub from his trainer Ana afterwards.

Once again down at the underwater viewing windows, I could watch both harbour porpoises from a warm place.
Jack came by several times, and sometimes even swam with his mouth open, whereas Daisy was constantly at the underwater viewing windows, checking her visitors out. She seemed to be especially interested in Marcus’s camera and later, when Janel came to visit her, Janel’s phone. (Great to have seen you again, Janel!)

Well, time always flies by with the harbour porpoises… And much too soon (or so it felt) we had to say goodbye to them. But we will be back soon – very soon. Promised!

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