Bald eagles on Valentine’s Day

When I looked out of the window, I saw these majestic birds flying close by, and I had to quickly grab my camera to capture this fantastic moment.

I am still amazed that I can watch bald eagles from my home. Stunning, eh?

After Hours

Although it was a very rainy After Hours at the Vancouver Aquarium, we had lots of fun and enjoyed spending our evening there.

While we were waiting for Up Close with Dolphins, we quickly walked through the rain to have a closer look at all four Steller sea lions again which were peacefully sleeping this time.

Then we watched Up Close with Dolphins. Fortunately for us, we had found and secured a dry spot for that so that we could enjoy it even more.

We also went to both Ask the Staff sessions which were really, really good.

And of course, we spent some time with the harbour porpoises.
Jack swam by from time to time, but Daisy frequently came to the underwater viewing area and checked out her visitors and their cameras or phones.

We definitely had a great time at After Hours – and cannot wait to go to the next one in summer!

A pretty harbour porpoise

After the very vocal Steller sea lions we went down to the underwater viewing area of the harbour porpoises.

As soon as I was at the window, Daisy came down and looked at my camera which was not even switched on, but she was waiting until I was ready. Cute, eh?

Later on Daisy was also posing in front of Marcus’s camera and came really, really close to the underwater viewing windows.

Much too soon we had to leave, unfortunately, – but we would be back for After Hours – tonight – in about an hour! Yay!

(to be continued…)

Four Steller sea lions

During Up Close with Dolphins we could hear the sea lions from time to time being quite noisy – and yes, all four of them were in the habitat today!

One of the sea lion girls was lying on the platform, looking around, roaring, even sticking out her tongue (!).
The other three were swimming around, getting out onto or near the platform in between – all while being very, and I mean very, very vocal. They were even roaring in the water!

(to be continued…)

Helen in action

To avoid rush hour traffic and be on time for After Hours we went to the Vancouver Aquarium in the afternoon and watched Up Close with Dolphins where Helen showed her visitors a new behaviour – a flip – several times. That was really impressive!

(to be continued…)


Daisy up close

After Up Close with Belugas we got to spend more than an hour with Jack and Daisy which was absolutely amazing – as usual…

Well, Jack just swam by from time to time and stopped shortly at the glass in between.
Daisy, however, was at the underwater viewing windows all the time, checking out our cameras – and my handbag. She is so curious.

Anyway, time with these two adorable harbour porpoises always flies. The good thing is that we will be back next week. Yay – I can hardly wait…

Up Close with Qila

Due to our workload we could not go to Super Saturday at the Vancouver Aquarium yesterday, but today we found a couple of minutes in the afternoon to spend some time there.

Unfortunately, we missed half of Up Close with Dolphins, but were in time for Up Close with Belugas. Luckily for me, I was selected as a random visitor to participate in this show – and got splashed by Qila, one of the lovely belugas. This was such an amazing experience, especially as I could see Qila diving down to the bottom, coming up to the surface, looking at me all the time, and aiming her splash that would hit me – twice! It may sound weird, but I absolutely loved it!

After that up close encounter with Qila, Marcus and I enjoyed watching both belugas showing some of their fantastic behaviours.

In case you were worried, we also spent some time with Jack and Daisy – of course!

(to be continued…)

A fantastic moon over Burnaby

When we came back from the Vancouver Aquarium, we could see this beautiful moon which seemed to be quite close today. Stunning, eh?

A beautiful Daisy and a handsome Jack

When we came to Jack and Daisy’s habitat, Daisy was already at the underwater viewing windows, checking out her visitors and their cameras.
She seemed to be posing in front of Marcus’s camera and followed him wherever he went to have a closer look at his camera lens.

Jack swam by in between, too, – and both harbour porpoises interacted a lot with each other as well!

Much too soon we had to leave… but we will be back next week!

Vancouver Aquarium – here we come – again…

Being members at the Vancouver Aquarium is so worth it as we can spend as many times at the Vancouver Aquarium as we want during the year. Especially when we have an enormous amount of workload and hardly come out of the house, having some well-earned off-time at a place we love is simply wonderful.

So today we made our little round to first of all see the sea otters – and Katmai looked back at us!

Afterwards we watched Spotlight on Penguins where all African penguins stood well-lined up on one side of the habitat so that I could actually tell who was who. Steveston seemed to hang on interpretive specialist Vivan’s every word, always looking into her direction.
After that we could even watch marine mammal trainer Nicky feed those lovely penguins.

On we went to have a look at the beautiful belugas – and Aurora was looking at us several times. She even vocalized! That was so amazing.

We then followed the noise the Steller sea lions were making and found two of them sitting on their dock, being quite vocal, while one of the harbour seals swam by.

And finally we made our way to Jack and Daisy, our favourite harbour porpoises…

(to be continued…)