After Hours

Although it was a very rainy After Hours at the Vancouver Aquarium, we had lots of fun and enjoyed spending our evening there.

While we were waiting for Up Close with Dolphins, we quickly walked through the rain to have a closer look at all four Steller sea lions again which were peacefully sleeping this time.

Then we watched Up Close with Dolphins. Fortunately for us, we had found andĀ secured a dry spotĀ for that so that we could enjoy it even more.

We also went to both Ask the Staff sessions which were really, really good.

And of course, we spent some time with the harbour porpoises.
Jack swam by from time to time, but Daisy frequently came to the underwater viewing area and checked out her visitors and their cameras or phones.

We definitely had a great time at After Hours – and cannot wait to go to the next one in summer!

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