An hour with Daisy

Today we attended the first Salmon Dialogue at the Vancouver Aquarium where we listened to Alaskan artist Ray Troll’s presentation which was really, really good.

Anyway, to avoid the rush hour traffic, we went to the Vancouver Aquarium a bit earlier and spent nearly an hour with our favourite harbour porpoises there.

Jack, as usual nowadays, only made some short appearances at the underwater viewing windows, but Daisy was quite social today. She continued to explore our cameras, and later she even checked out my handbag. Isn’t she a cutie?

A curious harbour porpoise

As soon as we stood in front of the underwater viewing windows, Daisy came down and looked at our cameras.
She often came so close to the window so that we could only take pictures of her really, and I mean really, really close. Daisy even hovered at the surface nearby to breathe while looking at us.

In between she also interacted with Jack and swam together with him – which is always so good to see.

Daisy was constantly at the underwater viewing windows, and we enjoyed having her company.
Unfortunately, time flew by much too quickly, and we had to say goodbye to our favourite harbour porpoises… But we will be back next week. Promised!

Geocaching, sea lions, dolphins, and a sea otter

We actually intended to enjoy the sun a bit, to go on a short geocaching tour in Stanley Park, and to visit the Vancouver Aquarium today.

So we set off in the sun in Burnaby, but when we went into Vancouver, there was fog pretty everywhere! The sun did not have any chance to come through that…
Well, that meant we still had our geocaching fun – in the fog! – and we found all three caches that we were looking for. Yay!

Once inside the Aquarium, we watched the Steller sea lions swimming in their habitat, roaring, and even coming out of the water.
We also watched the Pacific white-sided dolphins Hana and Helen in action, and spent some time in front of both sea otter habitats. Katmai was very active so that I could not get any decent picture of her, but Walter was enjoying a little nap.

Besides those animals, we went to see the harbour porpoises, too, which may come as a surprise to you… or not?!

(to be continued…)

A foggy night

We had just finished working and wanted to go to bed when we saw this great spectacle of nature. So this is what Burnaby looks like in the fog after midnight. Cool, eh?

A great Sunday afternoon at the Vancouver Aquarium

Today we spent some very relaxing afternoon hours at the Vancouver Aquarium, just walking around, learning some more facts about the various animals there, watching the seal and sea lion show, and having a fantastic time with the harbour porpoises, especially Daisy who came to the underwater viewing area a lot whereas Jack was just swimming by several times.

Time spent at the Vancouver Aquarium is always flying by, and much too soon we had to go back home again…

Sea lions, dolphins, belugas

Well, we were still in Stanley Park after our mini-geocaching tour, so going home simply was no option – and we had to go to the Vancouver Aquarium…

Unfortunately, we were already too late to watch the seal and sea lion show, but we took some snapshots of Izzy and Ashby, two Steller sea lions, and either Hermes or Davinci, a harbour seal, before watching the dolphin show. Both Hana and Helen seemed to be in a good mood and performed a lot of jumps, too.
After that we watched another great show, featuring Aurora and Qila, the beluga whales.

And finally we said hi to Jack and Daisy, and spent the remaining time with them, but we did not take any special pictures today…

We definitely had a fantastic – partially sunny – afternoon! Fully energized, we headed back to work again…

The Hollow Tree in Stanley Park

In the afternoon we went on a short geocaching tour (we found all the geocaches we were looking for!) which also led us to this landmark in Stanley Park: the Hollow Tree.

I have to admit that although I must have seen the tree a hundred times so far, I have actually never stopped to admire it up close – and that I did today.

The Hollow Tree which is a 700–800 year-old stump is, unfortunately, no longer alive, but thanks to private donations it was realigned and stabilized after it had been badly damaged in the December 2006 windstorm.

It still remains one of the major attractions and photo opportunities in Stanley Park.

The first Super Saturday in 2014

On this Saturday we were visitors one and two at the Vancouver Aquarium when it opened for members at 8:30 am – does that surprise you?

Anyway, we headed straight on towards Jack and Daisy – and Daisy seemed to like the rain a lot, as she was jumping – yes jumping! – out of the water. We had never seen her do something like this before. This was so fascinating to watch!

Besides Jack and Daisy, we, of course, watched the special dive show in the Strait of Georgia habitat which was really good.

After that, among others, we also had a closer look at the spotted jellyfish, seahorses, dwarf cuttlefish, and garden eels.

We also spent some time watching Schoona, which is one of my favourites, and Walter, the recently rescued and rehabilitated sea otter, exploring his new home, grooming himself and eating loads of food.

The Steller sea lions were sitting on their platform, and being quite vocal, but they looked absolutely gorgeous with their brown colouration.

Back at Jack and Daisy’s we had some more fun interacting with Jack and Daisy. Well, Daisy was the porpoise coming to the underwater viewing area much more often than Jack.

Time flew by and we had to say goodbye to our favourite harbour porpoises…

By the way, we were the very last visitors to leave the building… What can we say – except that we always have so much fun there.