Harbour porpoises and an axolotl

Today we went to see the harbour porpoises Jack and Daisy, and the axolotl – and both were quite active. Jack and Daisy were playing with their toys, and the axolotl was swimming in his habitat which I had never seen before as it is usually well hidden.

On our way home I saw Lions Gate Bridge with its ‘necklace’, and I had to take a picture as I like it a lot.

Harbour seals and harbour porpoises at Whytecliff Park

After several rainy days (and more to come) we had a day with near sunshine so that we headed towards Whytecliff Park to have a leisurely stroll there.
As it was nearly high tide, we could not reach Whyte Islet – which I had never climbed before. Maybe next time…
Anyway, a seagull seemed to be guarding the way – and it was looking towards us.

We also managed to find one geocache, a puzzle. Yay!

But the most exciting experience was that we saw harbour seals, and three harbour porpoises – two swimming together and a single one. That was so amazing as we had never seen a harbour porpoise in the wild before.

We definitely have to come back to see more wildlife there!

… including the amazing harbour porpoises

Both of the harbour porpoises frequently came to the underwater viewing windows – and they also interacted with each other a lot of times.
Jack and Daisy are such amazing animals!

Such an amazing variety of animals

Today we watched the harbour seals and Pacific white-sided dolphins in action before exploring the galleries and having a closer look at some of the smaller animals at the Vancouver Aquarium.

There is always so much to see!

An amazing sunrise in Burnaby

What a great sunrise to wake up to!
From the west side of our apartment, the sun was already shining, but on the west side there was still some fog through which the sun tried to come through. Magical, eh?