Penguin walk and dolphin show

Marcus and I had interviews for autumn volunteer positions at the Vancouver Aquarium today, and after that we still had some time left to actually go into the Aquarium. As you would probably have guessed, once there anyway, we just couldn’t return home but had to have to say hi to some of the animals living there.

Today we went to Penguin Point where nearly all African penguins showed us their backs. Not very welcoming, eh? But after a while they all turned around and were looking at their visitors.
During one of the penguin walks later on, we saw Sechelt and Salt Spring even closer than before. While Sechelt was looking around, Salt Spring had a very brisk walk from one end of the beluga habitat to the other and sprinted directly into the carrier waiting at the end of her walk.

Later on we watched Hana and Helen perform during the very last dolphin show of the day. Both were in a very good mood, leaping out of the water even before their show started. And during their show, they did show some great jumps!

There was another species that we could not forget visiting, of course – the harbour porpoises…

(to be continued…)

Bard on the Beach – Twelfth Night

It was such a fantastic experience watching a Shakespeare play at Bard on the Beach last year, that we absolutely had to watch another one this year, too.

So we met Leanne and Susannah at the said location in Vanier Park to watch Shakespeare’s comedy Twelfth Night, set at the What You Will Hotel and Spa in the early 1910th.
After having adapted to Shakespeare’s language and the acoustics there, the play was great fun to watch, so that we will definitely come back for one of next year’s performances.

The stage scenery of Twelfth Night at Bard on the Beach
The stage scenery of Twelfth Night at Bard on the Beach


A great late afternoon at the Vancouver Aquarium

When we arrived at the Vancouver Aquarium, it was already time for Hana and Helen’s last show of the day; so we definitely had to find a nice spot to watch both of them in action – and it is always worth it!

The penguin walk was next, in which Hope and Sechelt were indeed walking along the beluga habitat. It is always to cute to watch them waddle along.

After that we only had one last hour left to spend with Jack and Daisy. However, only Jack came down to say hi to both of us. Just as we were about to leave (well, we had to – the Aquarium was closing), Daisy came down to the underwater viewing area, too, and said goodbye as well.

What a great afternoon!


A beautiful reddish sky

And here is another one of those fantastic reddish skies I love so much…
Who needs television when one can have a view like this?!

The last rays of sunlight in Burnaby

I always love to watch out of our huge apartment windows, no matter what weather it is.
But if I get to see an amazing sunset or a beautiful night view, that’s a special bonus indeed.

We saw sea otters, penguins, belugas and harbour porpoises

… at the Vancouver Aquarium.

Elfin popped his head out of the water and put it down on the ground while his body was still resting in the water. Funny, eh?

We then found a spot to watch the penguin walk, starring Sechelt and Nelson.
Well, Sechelt came out of her carrier first whereas Nelson still stayed inside his. The funny thing was that Sechelt got into Nelson’s carrier and stayed there all the time. Both took turns in looking out of the carrier before making themselves at home inside it.
Although there was no penguin walk this time, it was so funny to watch both penguins hiding inside the carrier.

We were at the right place already, at the beluga habitat; so we stayed at our spot and watched Aurora and Qila perform during their fantastic show.

Jack and Daisy were next, and we had so much fun with them – as usual.

Back home, I’m already missing them… Time to get back to the Aquarium soon!

Burnaby at sunset and at night

When we came home after a fantastic day at the Vancouver Aquarium, we got to see an amazing sunset which turned into a stunning night view of Burnaby.

A great place to be

This was our first visit to the Vancouver Aquarium, well, this month…

We were just in time for the beluga show, and as it was quite crowded (it was a Sunday after all), we could hardly see Qila in action, but had a fantastic view of Aurora.

After that we went to say hi to Jack and spend some time with him. I usually go to him first whereas Marcus stands in the background, taking some pictures before Jack spots him – and than it’s my turn to take pictures… And this time it wasn’t any different.

Some time later, we went to see a dolphin show. While waiting at their habitat, we had a quick look at the sea lions next door, happily snoozing.
After a great dolphin show, the sea lion ladies were still happily dozing, except for a short roar by one of them.

Then it was nearly time to leave (time always flies at the Vancouver Aquarium). So we went to see the harbour porpoises a final time to say goodbye to them, and even Daisy came to the underwater viewing area to bid us farewell. So cute!