Exploring the Aquarium

Today we spent a few hours at the Vancouver Aquarium, exploring all galleries, watching various shows, talking to different people working or volunteering there, all while¬†completing several worksheets for our volunteer training. We definitely learned a lot more than we knew already; and it was fun, even if it was raining heavily, and it meant standing in the rain from time to time…

At the end of our exploration, we even had some minutes left to say hi to Jack and Daisy.
As usual, Jack was the first to come down to the underwater viewing area; and when he saw us, he stopped swimming by and looked at us. So cute! No matter how often we see Jack, it is always a great feeling to see him so close.
After some time, Daisy joined her fellow harbour porpoise, too; and just look – isn’t she a real beauty?

Much too soon we had to leave, but we will be back in a few days!

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