A great place to be

This was our first visit to the Vancouver Aquarium, well, this month…

We were just in time for the beluga show, and as it was quite crowded (it was a Sunday after all), we could hardly see Qila in action, but had a fantastic view of Aurora.

After that we went to say hi to Jack and spend some time with him. I usually go to him first whereas Marcus stands in the background, taking some pictures before Jack spots him – and than it’s my turn to take pictures… And this time it wasn’t any different.

Some time later, we went to see a dolphin show. While waiting at their habitat, we had a quick look at the sea lions next door, happily snoozing.
After a great dolphin show, the sea lion ladies were still happily dozing, except for a short roar by one of them.

Then it was nearly time to leave (time always flies at the Vancouver Aquarium). So we went to see the harbour porpoises a final time to say goodbye to them, and even Daisy came to the underwater viewing area to bid us farewell. So cute!

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