Sunny moments after a rainy day

We love the view from our apartment, and we do not mind watching the rain fall from the sky. It is even better when the sun comes out at the end of the day, and brings us a beautiful sunset, surrounded by stunning clouds – like today. Amazing, eh?

Rainy day fun in Vancouver

Equipped with rain jackets, waterproof pants, rain boots, and warm socks, Marcus and I walked from the Aquarium to the Lost Lagoon for the Volunteer Services Cleanup as part of the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup.

Surprisingly, despite the rain, quite a few people had shown up to help clean the Lost Lagoon area. After having treated ourselves to some delicious doughnut holes, we made our way around the Lost Lagoon, picking up litter in all forms and sizes; and we found way too many cigarette butts, even though smoking is prohibited throughout Stanley Park. Anyway, believe it or not, we had lots of fun in our group.

Later on, back at the Aquarium, we all had fun discussing the whole cleanup, pointing out the freakiest items we came across, all while having yummy snacks and pizzas together. There even was a prize draw (we didn’t win anything), but we got some great giveaways.

As we still had some time left, Marcus and I went into the Aquarium to unwind a bit after the cleanup – and to visit our favourite harbour porpoises, Jack and Daisy.

Jack swam along the underwater viewing area, spotted us, and repeatedly came to the underwater viewing windows to play with us. But he was also very much interested in the hydrophone in his habitat, he swam to from time to time, well, he liked to bite into it…

After a while, Daisy came down, too, and once again favourited Marcus’s camera.
Daisy is always so cute to watch when she is posing and looking into the camera lens.

So all in all, we had a wonderful day in Rain City, namely Vancouver, and we went back home with the feeling to have done something good for the oceans to save marine mammals like Jack and Daisy.

Just a moment of fun with Jack and Daisy before heading to our training session

Our fourth volunteer training session was scheduled today; and naturally, we had to stop by our two favourite harbour porpoises before.

Once there, we saw Jack and Daisy exploring a hydrophone standing in the middle of their habitat.
Nevertheless, they also came down to the underwater viewing area to have a look at their visitors, interact with them (Jack), checking their cameras out (Daisy), and swimming back to this interesting new scientific research device to examine it more closely.

We also met Janet, one of our fellow volunteers in training, and introduced her to Jack and Daisy before it was time to leave the Aquarium – only to return to our training session an hour later which was interesting, educational, exploratory, and fun!

Exploring the Aquarium

Today we spent a few hours at the Vancouver Aquarium, exploring all galleries, watching various shows, talking to different people working or volunteering there, all while completing several worksheets for our volunteer training. We definitely learned a lot more than we knew already; and it was fun, even if it was raining heavily, and it meant standing in the rain from time to time…

At the end of our exploration, we even had some minutes left to say hi to Jack and Daisy.
As usual, Jack was the first to come down to the underwater viewing area; and when he saw us, he stopped swimming by and looked at us. So cute! No matter how often we see Jack, it is always a great feeling to see him so close.
After some time, Daisy joined her fellow harbour porpoise, too; and just look – isn’t she a real beauty?

Much too soon we had to leave, but we will be back in a few days!

After Hours at the Vancouver Aquarium

We were the very first people in line (were you surprised?) waiting to get into the Vancouver Aquarium for After Hours, an adult-only evening, that promised to be full of fun, entertainment and even education, especially when you consider its motto ‘The Secret Sex Lives of Animals’.

So what did we do in the four hours?
We saw a penguin walk featuring Nelson and Sechelt; and this time both penguins were running along the beluga habitat really fast. That was amazing to watch!

Besides that, we also watched both beluga shows in which Qila and Aurora had probably as much fun as their audience.

We also went to see Hana and Helen from above their habitat as well as from the underwater viewing area where both of them checked a stuffed animal out.

In contrast to the active dolphins, the Steller sea lion and all three harbour seals seemed to be really sleepy and hardly looking at their visitors, except for raising their heads a bit from time to time.

Of course, we spent most of the time with Jack and Daisy – we had promised them to be back, after all, and we had so much fun with them.
Jack was happy to be part of the evening’s theme as he happily showed everything he had – if you know what I mean; and he made lots of people watch at him more closely…

Anyway, the four hours were over much too soon – and we cannot wait to be back for the next After Hours event!

Getting ready for After Hours

Well, we certainly needed to get into the right mood for After Hours; and what better place to do so than at the Vancouver Aquarium itself?!

So we went into the Aquarium – just for an hour before it was officially closing – and had lots of fun with Jack and Daisy, knowing that we would be back just an hour later. Yay!

We had a great time with Jack and Daisy

Today we only spent some minutes with Jack and Daisy before attending our first scheduled volunteer training session at the Vancouver Aquarium – just to say hi to our favourite harbour porpoises, as we were there early anyway.

Although it was just a short visit, both Jack and Daisy came to the underwater viewing area and said hi to us. Daisy was especially interested in Marcus’s camera, and Jack was happily playing with us.

Those few minutes with them were so much fun, and we will definitely be back soon!

Sunday afternoon at the Vancouver Aquarium

Today we spent some hours at the Vancouver Aquarium where we saw Hana and Helen performing in their show before heading down to say hi to Jack and Daisy who both came to the underwater viewing windows.

After a while we saw Janel, who wanted to say hi to Jack and Daisy, too, and so we let her have some fun with both harbour porpoises while exploring the galleries in the main building. On our way there, we saw both Tanu and Elfin having a nap in their habitats.

We went to see Schoona but she didn’t seem to be in her habitat; maybe it was feeding time for her.

Anyway, we saw the tasselled wobbegong with its incredible pattern that can even be seen at the underside of its tail. The name carpet shark is so appropriate!

We also caught sight of a seahorse living next door before heading to see some axolotls which I absolutely adore – and we were lucky to see them in the open.

After that we originally wanted to see the penguin walk together with Janel, but somehow there wasn’t any. So Janel went down to Jack again, and we stayed to watch the final beluga show of the day which was great as usual.

Afterwards we, too, went down to Jack and Daisy. When Jack came to the underwater viewing window and saw all three of us standing there together, he was so excited and interacted with all of us! A short time later Daisy appeared, too, to check out cameras and Janel’s phone.

We all had definitely lots of fun today!

Enjoying the rest of the evening in Stanley Park

After some fantastic hours at the Vancouver Aquarium, Marcus and I sat on a bench in Stanley Park, enjoying the remaining minutes of sunshine, watching the nature around, observing the animals, and just relaxing when Arty the Jester came up to us and showed us his newest props. Marcus even took some pictures for him before a family came by and wanted to have their picture taken with Arty the Jester. Arty then made a balloon monkey for the little boy which was really fascinating to watch.

Later on he told us story after story – and we definitely had a lot of fun.
After having said our goodbyes (several times), he gave us a balloon penguin (how appropriate today) and a balloon flower.

Arty the Jester is definitely lots of fun, and boy, can he entertain!

Jack and Daisy

We love Jack and Daisy, and so we spent more time with them than with the other animals at the Vancouver Aquarium – and both harbour porpoises were in a really good mood today.

Jack came down a lot, looking at and interacting with us. Sometimes he even had his mouth open (talking to us?), but as soon as we wanted to take a picture of it, he shut it immediately, probably because he couldn’t see our eyes any longer.

Daisy came down to the underwater viewing area, too, glancing at all the cameras and choosing the ones with the biggest lenses. So Marcus was always among the lucky ones as Daisy was often sticking to him, looking at herself in the lenses. And she is such a pretty lady!

Seeing Jack and Daisy interact and come down to their visitors was also great to experience!
But time flies by so quickly when spending it at Jack and Daisy’s…. After having said goodbye to them, we caught another glimpse of them from the top of their habitat and made our way to the exit.

As the day was really warm and pleasant, we decided to stay in Stanley Park for some more minutes before going home.

(to be continued…)