My birthday with Jack

Marcus and I took the day off and headed towards the Vancouver Aquarium where we went to see Jack and Daisy, our favourite harbour porpoises. Well, they are the only ones, but still…
As I like to play with Jack so much, I got to spend nearly all the time there doing exactly that.
When Jack spotted me among the visitors, he just stopped in front of me and looked at me, probably signalling something like ‘Have you come to play with me?’.
He is really so cute, so how could I resist?! And yes, I played peek-a-boo with him, hiding behind other visitors or just knelt down and hid behind my hand – and he was either looking for me, or he just followed me down and tried to see my face again. That is so incredible. I still cannot believe that he does that!
Marcus was very patient and let me play with Jack. He took lots of pictures, as I was too busy playing with this cutie named Jack. And then after a while Daisy came down, too. She loves having her pictures taken, and so she posed in front of the cameras. In a very gentleman-like manner, Jack always waited until Daisy had finished her photo session and came down to play afterwards.
We also met Margo, one of the volunteers at the Vancouver Aquarium, and Marcus had a lovely chat with her.
This was definitely my best birthday ever!

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