A visit to Lighthouse Park

Seizing the most of the first rays of sunshine we made our way to West Vancouver to explore Lighthouse Park a bit and to find some geocaches hidden there.

Once there, we had a problem finding a parking spot as probably everybody else had the same idea trying to get some sun. Anyway, having put on our hiking shoes, we chose a trail not far away from the gate to start our little adventure – and what beautiful, rustic trails there were and such untouched nature!

From Eagle Point we had a fantastic view of Vancouver and the Lions Gate Bridge. And then later on, of course, we could see the lighthouse from different angles.

All in all a beautiful day in Lighthouse Park – and yes, we also did find some geocaches! We will definitely back to explore the other half of the park next time.

Panorama view from Eagle Point at Lighthouse Park
Panorama view from Eagle Point at Lighthouse Park

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