Visit to the Vancouver Aquarium and the Lost Lagoon

Having escaped the never-ending construction work at our building, we ended up at the Vancouver Aquarium where we – once again – visited Jack (who wasn’t much in a playing mode, unfortunately) and Daisy. The bunch of penguins were quite entertaining, too, with Hope trying to stand closest to the door (feeding time perhaps?). After going to see Schoona, Hana and Helen, Qila and Aurora, and of course Tanu and Elfin we had a walk along English Bay and then headed to the Lost Lagoon, one of our most favourite places in Vancouver – and it was partly frozen so that loads of ducks and two swans were gathering around or were even in the water hole.

Anyway, it was a lovely day – and when we were home we enjoyed a nice cuppa in a very quiet building as the construction workers had left for the day.

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