We have been to Sasamat Lake

Even if it was quite foggy when we got up, we headed to Sasamat Lake as the forecast didn’t predict any rain. It was still foggy when we arrived – but nevertheless really beautiful.

Actually, we weren’t the only ones there enjoying the lake – and that we did! We walked around the whole lake, stopping once in a while to take pictures and grab some geocaches. We also had a slight detour to get one geocache – and what an uphill hike that was!

Have I mentioned already that I love boardwalks? No matter how small they are, I am always happy to come across one. And luckily for me, Sasamat Lake has got some!

We have to come back in warmer weather to maybe even go into the lake – at least with our feet…


Sasamat Lake panorama
Sasamat Lake panorama
Another Sasamat Lake panorama
Another Sasamat Lake panorama
And a third one
And a third one!

Visit to the Vancouver Aquarium and Prospect Point

Going to the Vancouver Aquarium is always fun – and we love to watch all the various animals there.

This time, all seven penguins stood close together, well six of them did and number seven had climbed up a bit further. What was the little one looking for? Anyway, Daisy was in a really good mood playing with her hoop and with a disc later on. I could stand there watching Jack and Daisy for hours… Well, I sometimes even do so.
I also love those little spotted and splendid garden eels.

After the Aquarium we stopped at Prospect Point to enjoy the view of Lions Gate Bridge up close, my favourite bridge, and its surroundings.