Fog outside

The view from our balconies is always amazing – even if it’s foggy like today, but that itself looks stunning, doesn’t it?

Foggy morning panorama
Foggy morning panorama

Lost Lagoon and Vancouver Aquarium

What a day to pick for a walk along the Lost Lagoon! It was raining, but not too heavily so that we actually enjoyed our little walk there. We also made a short detour and grabbed a great geocache.

Back at the Lagoon again, we saw two swans and a blue heron minding their own businesses.

And last, we had to say hello to Jack and Daisy at the Aquarium before going home and enjoying a nice hot cuppa.

A walk at Burnaby Lake

Today we went for a leisurely walk along Burnaby Lake while trying to find some geocaches there.

We indeed had a great walk in the nature and even found some geocaches, and at those places where we could actually come close to the lake, it was beautiful. We saw a squirrel (which was too fast to be kept in a picture) and some chickadees, as well as ducks and even seagulls swimming on the lake.

We’ll have to come back when the weather is much better and warmer.

Vancouver Aquarium and VanDusen Botanical Garden

Our all-time favourites – the Vancouver Aquarium and the VanDusen Botanical Garden – just needed to get a visit from us.

We first headed to the Vancouver Aquarium to have a look at how all the animals were doing there. Jack wasn’t in a playful mood but Helen and Hana were very much so. The penguins all stood close together, Tanu had lunch and Schoona was tired and had a little nap.

After that we explored the VanDusen Botanical Garden in the sunshine! Unfortunately, we were a bit late to really enjoy the beauty of the Indian summer, but there still were some coloured leaves here and there. And those beautyberries, aren’t they – just as the name says – simply beautiful?


View from our balcony at night

Aren’t those clouds impressive? Anyway, I always love to look outside and see all the lights at night – and the city never sleeps…

Just have a look at our panorama view!

Panorama view - from our balcony
Panorama view – from our balcony