Cloudy afternoon and evening in Burnaby

One of the great things living here is that there are always clouds which make such wonderful pictures. Just compare the clouds in the pictures taken in the late afternoon and at night – don’t add those clouds that little something to pictures? By the way, have you seen our illuminated pool in the last picture?

Great clouds

It is really nice and warm outside, exactly as it looks in the picture – although it is late October. And aren’t those clouds beautiful?

Panorama view from our balcony
Panorama view from our balcony

A visit to the VanDusen Botanical Garden

There is always so much to see and to explore in the VanDusen Botanical Garden so that we are always happy to go there – no matter which season we are in.

This time the autumn colours were impressive everywhere. Unfortunately, the sun wasn’t really cooperative that day, but we enjoyed our visit there enormously. Except for the magnificent autumn leaves, we also had a look at those “dead man’s fingers”  that Marcus took pictures of, too. That’s a scary name, but they are indeed edible!

We also saw some ducks swimming in the pond and some nosy squirrels watching us while taking pictures.

All in all a wonderful day – and we will definitely be back soon!

Vancouver Aquarium and Stanley Park

We met Leanne and Susannah at the Vancouver Aquarium to spend some time there – and we mostly stayed inside as it was raining.

At least one of the sea anemones looked like the sun, didn’t it? And we visited all the other animals as well, among them Aurora, Qila and the seals.

Despite the rain, Marcus and I had a short walk through Stanley Park and went to the seafront to have a look at Coal Harbour.

A cool sunset

Those sunsets are something, aren’t they? At least I am always fascinated by them…

Sunset in Burnaby
Sunset in Burnaby

And here it is, the panorama of this particular sunset:

Sunset panorama
Sunset panorama