Two smaller hiking tours on one day

The first little tour we tackled today at Woolmer Copse, near Stedham, was really easy on flat terrain and very beautiful with so many rhododendrons in bloom, well, except for that part where we were searching for one special geocache and we had to somehow find our way to it which included some little bushwhacking – and all because we came from the wrong direction…

The second little tour took us to Middleheath Copse as part of the South Downs National Park, not far away from the first one. We especially liked that part of this route followed and crossed a stream, even if it was a bit muddy (or a bit more) at same places. Anyway, near the water we also saw some amazing dragonflies.

All in all a very beautiful day!


A walk through the heart of the South Downs

Once again we headed towards a location where we could both enjoy the nature and find some geocaches. This time our hiking tour took us to the South Downs National Park where we had an amazing but also quite exhausting walk around West Dean.

Along the way we came across several of those huge chalk stones which were sculptured by Andy Goldsworthy and then placed along the Chalk Stone Trail, a self-guided trail on the South Downs. And these were really impressive!

Of course, we also experienced some of the English rain – but nevertheless it really was fun!