The Sussex Amble geocaching tour

We wanted to see more of England and what better way to do it than by geocaching? So we chose the Sussex Amble – and that was quite a hike! We found all the geocaches on our way (yay!), but we had to stop and return as it was getting dark.

We enjoyed the hike very much although it was quite steep at times – but we admired the nature and saw some snowdrops and sparrows on our way. So it was definitely worth it!

Another walk to Littlehampton’s west beach

All the times we went to the west beach, we did so by car, but this time we walked across the pedestrians only bridge to get there – which was quite a walk from where we live.

From the bridge we had a great view of Littlehampton and the river Arun – so it was definitely worth it.

Once we had crossed the bridge and were on our way to the west beach, we walked across a ship wreck which we could clearly see as it was low tide.

And we found some geocaches on our tour, of course!


An afternoon walk to Rustington

We headed out to Rustington, a small town very close to Littlehampton and chose the way along the beach to get most out of the walk. And we found some geocaches on our way, too – but that was planned, of course!